Hijo Nam, Exuberant Rondos, 2013, Patina on copper, 30,5x30,5cm_edited

Hijo Nam: Green Spirit

26.05 – 08.07.2015

Hijo Nam is committed to the planet’s health in that her sculptures have already enjoyed another life and are recycled into artworks by the artist. This form of art is environmentally viable in the sense that it comes to terms with such tenets as social justice, peace, and democracy. But, it is also sustainable art because it is produced while keeping in mind its impact on the planet’s environment.

Nam’s sustainable art is conceptual and addresses a new awareness of the social and ecological problems of society. She addresses the role of contemporary art in recognizing and highlighting the issues while examining the problems inherent in society and offering creative solutions for a sustainable environment. Consequently, her sustainable approach involves using already existing objects embedded with past history and transforming them into new art while addressing cultural and gender issues.

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Freedom from Avarice, 2012, Copper Wires, Installation Size Various
Hijo Nam, Garden of God, 2013, Patina on Copper, 30,5x30,5cm
Hijo Nam, Gordian Knots, 2013, Patina on copper, 30,5x30,5cm
Hijo Nam, Meteora 4, 2015, Mixed media on Scrap Metal, 87x139cm
Hijo Nam, Exuberant Rondos, 2013, Patina on copper, 30,5x30,5cm_edited