Donopoulos International Fine Arts

Donopoulos IFA gallery was launched in 2007 with the exhibition of engravings by Pablo Picasso. Since then numerous temporary exhibitions by both renowned and rapidly emerging artists have been hosted and collaborations with art institutions and galleries of international outreach have been achieved. The gallery aims at promoting the range of artistic guidelines and techniques as showcased by contemporary artistic experimentation. The gallery is housed in the heart of the market center of Thessaloniki, while the architectural design of its site has the signature of Apostolos Palavrakis, also responsible for the curating of exhibitions.
Among the artists represented by the gallery Aljoscha, Nikos Aslanidis, Gehard Demetz, Wolf Hamm, Lia Kazakou, George Lappas, Adriana Molder, Apostolos Palavrakis, Kai Richter, Anastasis Stratakis and Philip Tsiaras are included. In the last seven years and under group shows have also been presented works by artists such as Magdalena Abacanowicz, Robert Lucander, Manolo Valdés, Mimmo Paladino and Roderik Henderson.