Apostolos Palavrakis, εικόνα 2

Apostolos Palavrakis

2004-06 First conception of the ballet Fragmente und Staub (Fragments and Dust), which was presented in September 2006 in the state theatres of Redsdburg and Flensburg 2000 Completes the video Anabasis I-The friends, which is first presented at Isola Bella, of Lago Maggiore, in Italy 1998 Honorary award of the city of Dortmund for Fine Arts 1997-99 Teaches at the University for Design of Dortmund the class of Experimentelle Gestaltung (=Experimental Construction) 1997 Stays in Athens and works on the series Infinity Fields: Kythera suite. The same year the works are presented in Berlin at the Confrontation exhibition alongside portraits by Robert Mapplethorpe (catalogue with text by Dr. Tayfun Belgin) 1996 Creates his studio in Athens 1994 Remains in Mallorca. Creates the drawings for The Final Space, an installation. The same year it is exhibited at the am Οstwall Museum of Dortmund, curated by Dr. Tayfun Belgin (catalogue) 1993 Stay in Ireland. Creates of the cycle …and many circles under the water…-24 designs and a poem (catalogue with one etching- pub. house Michael Beck, Leipzig, Germany) 1992 Scholarship from Hoesch-Krupp AG 1991 Stay in Palermo, Sicily. Creates of the cycle Porta Magna 1988-92 Teaches the class of Grundlagen der Gestaltlung (=Foundations of Construction) at the school of Architecture 1984-92 Studies Architecture at the Polytechnical University of Dortmund 1983 Lives and works in Dortmund, Germany ‘80-1982 Studies Music at the Athens Conservatorium 1962 Born in Trikala, Greece Solo exhibitions (selection) 2011 Other Spaces, RWE, Tower, Dortmund, Germany Other Spaces, Beck & Eggeling Contemporary, Düsseldorf, Germany 2008 Signs and Cryptograms, Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 2004-‘07 Fragmente und Staub (Fragments and Dust), ballet, State theatres of Rendsburg, and Flensburg, Germany 2005 Works on canvas, Galerie Arnes Röpke, Madrid, Spain Entropie, installation, Art Palm Beach, Miami, USA 2004 New Works, Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, Greece Entropie, installation, Art Cologne, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne , Germany New Works, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne, Germany 2003 Works on canvas, Galerie Brennecke, Berlin, Germany et J‘ai decide de me taire…, installation, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany 2002 Trespassing, Galerie Beck & Eggeling, Düsseldorf, Germany La Ultima Cena, installation, Galeria Arnes Röpke, Madrid, Spain Works on canvas ,Galerie Beck & Eggeling, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany 2001 Echoes, Galerie Brennecke, Berlin, Germany Echoes I, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 2000 Void, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne, Germany Immanent images, Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Art-Athina, Athens, Greece 1999 Immanent images, Galeria Arnes Röpke, Madrid, Spain Infinity fields, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne, Germany 1998 Infinity fields kythera suite Installation, Galerie Epikentro, Athens, Greece Transfiguration.one, installation, Museum of Arts, Ahlen (catalogue) Infinty fields. Kythera suite, Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, Greece Transfiguration, Galerie Beck & Eggeling, Dusseldorf, Germany Infinity fields, Galeria Major, Mallorca, Spain 1997 Paths and stars, Artist’s Union, Heidenheim, Germany Invisible islands – kythera suite, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne (catalogue) Anabasis (Sleepwalker in the maze of past desire), Galerie Michael Beck Paths , Art Galerie in Lehel, Μunich, Germany Infinity fields – kythera suite, Vau Galerie, Berlin, Germany (catalogue) 1996 Arche II, installation, Galerie Michael Beck, Leipzig (catalogue) Martyrologium di silenzio – frammenti di senso (nostalgia) colori di vita (violenta), Artist’s Union, Lippstadt, Germany (catalogue) 1995 Silence.zero – installation, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (catalogue) Έργα σε μουσαμά και χαρτί, Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne, Germany 1994 Silence.one/the silence of Andrej Rubljow, installations, painting, Museum am Ostwall Dortmund, Germany (catalogue) Silence.zero, installations, Church of the Holy Cross, Dortmund, Germany New works, Galerie Utermann, Dortmund, Germany The epitaph cycle, Municipal Gallery, Paderborn Epitaph on the reflection of a black sign behind the mirror – pictures for the eclipse between the gate and the error, installation, Galerie Michael Beck, Leipzig (catalogue) 1993 Works on Paper, Galerie Utermann, Dortmund, Germany Fragments and Dust, installations, painting, Municipal Gallery, Lnen (catalogue) War Requiem, painting-installation, Galerie Lang, Leipzig (catalogue) Maasse Bereschit, painting, AKUT, Essen 1992 Per speculum ad Porta Μagna, installation, Artist’s Union Konstanz Apollon, Performance, Artist’s Union Konstanz 1991 Porta Magna (Sicily cycle), Galerie Utermann, Dortmund, Germany 1990 Per aspera ad astra, painting, Catholic Academy, Schwerte 1986 Projekte 1980 – 1986 – University of Dortmund, Department of Architecture Awards 1998 Receives honorary award for Fine Arts by the city of Dortmund (Germany)

Apostolos Palavrakis, εικόνα 1
Apostolos Palavrakis, Untitled (Plants close to ruins), 2011, graphite on paper, 155x200cm
Apostolos Palavrakis, Untitled, 2008, Oil on canvas, 140x100cm
Apostolos Palavrakis, Untitled,2008, oil on canvas, 80x60cm
Apostolos Palavrakis, εικόνα 2